Advertising Services

Promote Your Website and Attract New Customers with High-Performance Advertising Services

Want to start capturing new leads and promoting your online presence to grow your business? With Google Search Ads Campaigns, Facebook Advertising, local targeting and more, we can help your business stand out online and get noticed by the right prospective customers. Our innovative solutions and years of experience in the pool and spa industry will help your business grow with cost-effective solutions.

Google Ad Campaigns Through Search Network

$699 / month - 3 month minimum
6 months recommended

Let our team of Certified Google Ads professionals eliminate wasteful spending and help you drive more website visits, get more calls and increase store visits with Google Ads. We create effective, high converting search campaigns. Our Google Ads monthly management service consists of:

Google management service for 1 revenue stream with 3 campaigns:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Performance Max (must have a YouTube channel and a 10 to 30 second video (video production is not included).

Google ad spend is not included, each campaign will require its own monthly budget.

Services include:

  • Ongoing keyword optimization
  • Ongoing negative keyword list
  • Results analysis reporting
  • Monitor click fraud activity
  • Website Conversion Analysis report
  • Weekly ad maintenance to include optimizing ad copy
  • Optimize bidding strategy in the keyword auction. Manage the daily budget and monitor cost per conversion
  • Location targeting
  • Monthly consultation with Google Ads account manager
Facebook and Instagram Ads (carousel, videos, download offers)

$499/month - 3 month minimum

Our Facebook & Instagram Advertising Service can introduce your brand to the right people who are ready to take action. Our team of experts can develop and design campaigns for the kinds of results you want. We can build a program that will work with your budget and goals and create targeted ads and custom lists.

Competitor Geofence Advertising

$399 upto 4 locations - 3 months minimum

Creation of campaign includes: Location targeting Creation of 4 videos using clients footage. Daily campaign maintenance.

Geofencing Advertising Mobile Location Ads

Small Screen Producer will use advanced technology to serve your ad to an audience that is gathered from visiting a specific physical location. This is done by placing a fence around the location that collects the Mobile Ad Id's (MAID) from all people who enter this location with their cell phones turned on. The MAID is immediately captured and we then in return serve your ad over a 30 day period to those shoppers that visited that store location. Ads are served on their mobile device and/or desktop.

Management Fee: The cost for us to manage the account is 399.00 per month and includes daily monitoring and management of the full account for up to 4 locations

Ad Spend: You will be directly billed for the actual ad spend. Pricing is $3.50 per/1,000 views for digital display and GIF ads with a typical budget set between $200.00 - 400.00 per location. This budget will ebb and flow based on the time of year. The more foot traffic in the stores, the more opportunities to advertise to a wider audience, the higher the budget needed.

Services Include:
  • Create a dashboard for serving Mobile Location Ads
  • Create targeting audience and/or location audience and mobile and desktop ad groups
  • Create graphic advertising images
  • Modify existing landing page and thank you page for Mobile Location Advertising
  • Install conversion tracking pixels for mobile users
  • Install Google Analytics for tracking desktop conversions
  • Monitor the ad pacing and spend each day
  • Monthly performance report